We Bought a Boat!

Can’t believe it. We actually did it!

Sure we’ve been thinking about boats HEAPS over the last 6 months. We knew we wanted to buy a boat. But wanting something and having something is very different.


My friend Kerryn has a word she uses for times like this – ‘nervousexcited’. Actually, to be honest we are feeling a bit more ‘terrifiedecstatic’ at the moment.

We have big plans. Big dreams. And we seem to be taking steps towards realizing them –  which is a bit insane. We look at each other and ask ‘did we just do that?’, ‘did he just say YES?’, ‘did they actually send us the paperwork AND the printer had ink AND we were able to find a pen that works so we could sign it? Is that really what just happened?’. There are feelings of awe and amazement. There are feelings of great responsibility, trepidation and some stress. Yeah, terrifiedecstatic pretty much sums it up.

Our boat is a yacht. A 45 foot pilothouse cutter. A steel boat that sleeps 8.

We will introduce her properly once she is in our possession. Next week Simon is going down to Tasmania to do some work on her and then sail her back to her new home near Melbourne.


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