In the Spotlight: Newspaper Articles and Youtube Cameo

Check out these links to two newspaper articles about our sailing travels this year.

  1. The Saturday Herald Sun: Living a Life Less Ordinary (30 Sep 2017); and
  2. The Shepparton News: Family Living Their Dream (19 Oct 2017)

Also – we made a little cameo appearance on our friends youtube channel. Subscribe to Sailing Catalpa for some great videos following an Australian family’s experiences sailing up the east coast of Australia, around to Darwin and beyond.

Specifically, check out Episode 47 (Beware of Ships in the Night) – about half way through the kids are having a great time at a BBQ we had in Cairns with the crew from Sailing Catalpa and Elojoha.

Since Cairns we shared an anchorage with Catalpa again in Darwin, and most recently in Indonesia. It’s been wonderful to share our experiences with another sailing family – particularly as we left Darwin within 24-hours of each other, both heading out on our first ever overseas voyage.

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